be smart consultancy

is an independent contractor that gives advice, solves problems, makes recommendations and provides specialized work in Educational, IT, leadership & Management consultancy and training firm that focuses on development of people skills and organizations.  We define and deliver tangible results.

We provide a wide range of workshops, seminars, training events designed to meet identified needs of our clients. We are committed to supporting growth and enhancing the understanding of direction, and positive transformation. Our focus is always on you, the clients. That means your vision, your goals, and your profits are always in the forefront of our work. We help you achieve results by bringing an entrepreneurial edge to your business.

Our consultants and facilitators are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in Educational, IT, Human Resource Development and Customer Relationship management etc.
Our consultancy offers the following expertisium:-

  • Management & Leadership Consulting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Communications Planning
  • Call Centre Management
  • Life Skills
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Market Analysis
  • IT Management
  • Technology applications, Internet, and Web
  • Network Systems Design
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Care and Protection
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Performance Management
  • Child Management
  • Educational consultancy
  • Marriage Building
  • Job Recruitment
  • Grief  Management


  • Schools
  • Government institutions
  • private institutions
  • NGOs
  • Families

As a consultant we are working hand in hand with "Schiller International University". We find or source students from different countries to come and study at Schiller. It is a university found in five countries, these are Germany, Spain, France, UK and USA. After studying the students earn themselves double degree a European degree and American degree. A student starts learning from one country and move to another country each year until they finish. By doing this students gain a lot of international experience.

So come and learn at Schiller international university. A university that gives you double than what you wish to gain. Bachelor degree or Master’s degree

Get in touch with us and you shall be happy in your studies.